New Employer Videos Available Online

This year, California Child Support Services has collaborated with the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department to create employer videos that are now available online. Los Angeles County Child Support Services provides employer resources at¬†which contains information specific to the county to augment the information available on this website’s Employer Resource Center as well as this comprehensive video library. Employers can watch video versions of the Employer Workshop trainings, which have been regularly presented in the Los Angeles County communities as in-person events and are now conducted virtually.¬† These videos allow employers to conveniently get the information on their own schedule, directly from their computer or mobile device.

The Employer Workshop Video Library provides employers with important information about child support wage withholding, medical support orders, electronic Income Withholding Orders, online resources, and the role of California Child Support Services’ Employer Services team. New topics and additional videos will be added in the coming months to assist employers with their role meeting child support requirements. Employers can view the Employer Workshop Video Library here.

Los Angeles County Child Support Services will present five scheduled Employer Virtual Workshops in 2021. Check back in January for dates and information on how to register and attend the 2021 Virtual Employer Workshops.