New Child Support Topics Answered in One-Minute Quick Tip Videos

The California Child Support Services Multi-Media Unit recently finished producing the third release of Quick Tip videos to address various child support topics, each approximately 60 seconds. These Quick Tip videos answer frequently asked questions, as well as others that are not as common but equally as important, such as “If I go to jail, do I still have to pay child support?” and “Who can I talk to about my bank levy?”

The Quick Tip videos, along with Instructional videos, are part of the Video Resource Library on the California Child Support Services website. The goal of the Quick Tip videos is to help participants navigate the child support program and provide them with a simplified and interactive method of understanding a specific topic. Instructional videos are about three to five minutes each and contain detailed explanations of the child support process.

Each release consists of 12 Quick Tip videos and several Instructional videos, in English and Spanish. There have been three video releases to date, one in 2018, another in 2019, and the latest in June 2020. Spanish versions to the third release are expected to be completed by late summer, and Instructional videos by the fall.

The newest Quick Tip videos include:

To view all the Quick Tip and instructional videos, visit the Video Resource Library.