Updated Child Support Publications Now Available

In 2019, with a new Governor in office and several recent changes in legislation affecting child support, a review of the California Child Support Services publications revealed that updated versions were necessary.  Before creating new versions, an in-depth analysis was done to understand which publications were no longer in use and where information was incorrect or laws had changed.  In addition, a review of additional publications created by the local child support offices showed which new topics would also need to be addressed to best serve caseworkers educating the public.

During this review California Child Support Services reached out to the county and regional child support offices to learn from the “front lines” which topics were most requested by customers and used within the local offices. With the new data, a priority list was created for each publication created based on demand and order history. Additionally, the topics themselves were evaluated for opportunities to combine information to eliminate redundancy.

As a result of this research and analysis, a new suite of publications was created and distributed throughout the state to offer more options to caseworkers.  In simple trifold format, the new brochures are easier to read, using simpler language with more targeted information.  Each brochure has a matching 11 by 17 inch poster that summarizes the topic highlights, small enough to be printed in-house by many offices and easily posted with or without framing. The new brochures will also be more cost-efficient to correct and reprint as information changes, as the format is easily editable, creating a valuable, flexible educational tool for caseworkers and outreach staff to use to assist both new and existing customers as they navigate the child support process.

Some of the publication topics include:

Child Support Overview
Child Support Payment Options
Managing Your Child Support Case
The Child Support Court Process
Military Families and Veterans Affairs
Avoiding Common Problems with Your Child Support


A total of ten new publications are available now in both English and Spanish and can be found here.