Family Law Facilitators: A Valuable Free Resource

family law facilitators


Family law facilitators are attorneys that have extensive knowledge in family law matters that work for the county superior court. Any county resident who needs help with a family law matter can consult a family law facilitator at no cost. Facilitators act as a neutral party to help citizens with family law concerns navigate the legal system as efficiently as possible.

Facilitators help perform complicated tasks, such as necessary paperwork, to move a legal case forward or reach a resolution. Knowing what forms to file and where to file them is a major part of resolving many family law proceedings, and a lack of knowledge of the process can be frustrating for members of the public who do not deal with legal issues on a regular basis.

All family law facilitators can assist with child support matters. Whether or not a child support order is in place, family law facilitators can help request child support or request a modification to existing orders.

Family law facilitators can also create and file stipulated agreements, which can help parents avoid court appearances. If you and the other parent can agree, right now (with court calendars impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic) is the perfect time to work with a family law facilitator to file a stipulated agreement to potentially avoid delayed processing. Visit the local county court’s website to check the availability of the family law facilitator and how to contact the office.

Some family law facilitators handle a wider range of legal topics including restraining orders, evictions, and filling out and filing pleadings free of charge. Having a fair and neutral point of contact to handle all of the necessary paperwork offers much-needed peace of mind for families going through a difficult situation.

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