Fraud Protection Now in Place for Child Support Payments

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) governs the rules and procedures of the ACH Network, an electronic fund transfer system that handles credit and debit transactions. Effective June 2021, parents who owe child support who want to pay with Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits are required to implement fraud protection to screen electronic debit (bank account) transactions. The new NACHA Operating Rules require states to validate customers, such as employers and parents paying child support, as part of the fraud detection requirement. California Child Support Services is utilizing ExpertPay, a third party fraud protection portal to fulfill the new NACHA Operating Rules.

California Child Support Services will greatly benefit from ExpertPay’s fraud detection capabilities. ExpertPay validates the bank account and the remitter’s identity when customers make payments to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), saving financial institutions and government agencies millions of dollars in fraudulent loss and shortening processing times.

There is a one-time $2.50 registration fee for new customers, after which all services are free. For new California employers and paying parents who register with ExpertPay before September 20, 2020, the $2.50 regstration fee will be waived. Existing customers with accounts on the SDU website will be transferred to ExpertPay at no cost. All users can get more information about ExpertPay and register for an account at

ExpertPay also accepts credit cards with a 2.95% transaction fee and PayPal payments with a 2.95% transaction fee ($60 maximum). 

If paying by ACH debit or with a credit or debit card, employers must use ExpertPay. Employers can contact the SDU if wishing to pay by ACH credit. If paying by ACH debit, parents paying support must use ExpertPay. For a review of all child support payment options, visit the Payment Options page here.