Child Support Offers More Than Just Financial Services

child support services offered

California Child Support Services provides a variety of services to assist with a wide range of challenges that single parents can face. For those with a sound relationship with the other parent, case services can include stipulation for child support orders in which parents with an agreement can make it official and avoid time in court, and payments tracking and report generation to provide documentation for both parties.

For single parents who have difficult or non-existent relationships, services are more comprehensive. Child support caseworkers can locate the other parent if one has lost contact, assist parents when legal parentage is in dispute or not established, file paperwork if a court order is necessary, and serve as a neutral go-between to help parents communicate as they work towards their goals for successful co-parenting of their children.  

Parents who are not receiving their payments can get assistance with enforcement if they wish. Those who are experiencing problems paying their agreed amounts can get help modifying existing agreements to better match their current circumstances. Many parents are unaware that there are also programs to help old unpaid child support debt get paid down or, in some circumstances, written off completely.

Child support services offered are defined by both federal and state laws and regulations, and there are some services that child support cannot provide.  Please note that local child support agencies cannot help with divorce actions, child custody disputes or visitation conflicts. However, every California county has a Family Law Facilitator, usually in the court offices, who can help with these issues at no charge. More information on county Family Law Facilitators can be found here.

No matter whether the parent is the payer or payee in any particular case, Child Support Services staff can help parents navigate the complicated child support system, offer information they might not be aware of, and help them create a balanced path forward so they and their children can all thrive.

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